The days are getting shorter, the nights longer, and the kid’s busy fall sports schedules and school activities are starting to dominate our calendars. As winter months approach, our health aspirations require perspiration, but training indoor at home can often be dull, socially isolating, and finding time to get to the gym can be difficult. With Excy, indoor training doesn’t have to be boring and in fact, the portable cardio and strength training indoor trainer can be a fun way to quickly put you and the entire family on the fast track to fitness without ever worrying about scheduling a workout.

Excy (short for exercise cycling) is a 10 pound full body portable exercise bike that makes training easy at home, work, or on the go. Life Hacker calls Excy a “full-fledge exercise bike in a tiny package” and the system packs a serious upper body and lower body punch for double dipping on strength training and cardio workouts for heart health. With 30 pounds of bi-directional resistance, it’s perfect for short, hard bursts to build your aerobic and anaerobic energy system in less time, but can also be used for long duration exercise.

Few of us truly look forward to indoor training over the winter months, but the cold, darkness, weather, and busy schedules—or all four—might force many of us inside to maintain some semblance of fitness. Plus, whether serious athlete or someone trying to lose weight, what we do indoors for training can be just as important as what we do outdoors.

So, embrace indoor training to jumpstart being in kickass shape.

Start with a Strong Core!
Whether you are a cyclist working on a smooth pedal stroke, a swimmer tuned into spearing through the water, wanting to blaze a running trail, or simply engaged in basic activities of daily living, the necessary motions either originate in your core, or move through it. Weak, tight, or unbalanced core muscles can undermine you in any of these realms. Excy is designed to engage your core in an innovative cross training experience whenever and wherever you want.




Upper Body Resistance Cardio and Strength Training At Its Best
Often times when we think of wanting to burn calories or build muscle, we go right for exercises that impact the Gluteus Maximus (glutes) because it’s the largest muscle in the human body. But, a very close second is the bilateral latissimus dorsi muscles which are your “lats” and one of the widest muscles in the human body. So, we can’t forget to put our “lats” to work, especially after keeping our upper body confined all day working at a keyboard or holding our phones with our arms in a Tyrannosaurus Rex position! The variety of upper body workouts is limited by only your imagination and your pectorals, deltoids, lats, traps, biceps, triceps, and other associated muscle structures will thank you.


Get Those Legs Cycling For Strong Legs and Heart Health
Excy offers quick cycling workouts for building strength, endurance, and power. You can hammer out short, possibly misery-inducing interval bursts, to get the cardio benefits of a much longer workout to incinerate calories, plus tone. Or, you can take a leisure ride. Excy feels different than a spin bike, because there’s no flywheel, so it forces you to use controlled forces throughout the pedal cycle to constantly engage new muscle groups. Because resistance is equal in reverse, you can also train opposing muscles. Excy requires a new way of pedaling on an exercise bike that more closely resembles cranking up a hill on mountain bike at higher resistance levels vs. coasting or hammering on the flats. It is muscle confusion at its best. You are in complete control of the resistance, duration, and intensity. Varying one can change the other to help you find the perfect combination for reaching your goals, whether they are losing weight, building endurance or improving heart health.




You can take it easy or take advantage of advanced upper body workouts anywhere


There are thousands of ways to resistance train, but there is only one portable total body exercise cycling system in the world that weighs 10 pounds, has 30 pounds of resistance, can match commercial grade exercise equipment, and folds up nicely for easy transport and storage. If you spend much of your winter ride time on a trainer, have a busy work or family schedule, travel, or simply want to watch a movie and spend time with your family while training indoors, the Excy total body cross trainer is worth a look.


Excy Total Body Portable Exercise Bike For Cardio and Strength Training Anywhere

Cutting Edge Portable Quality, Simplicity, and Utility.

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