For some of us, the carbohydrate-loading holiday season starts with Halloween. By the time Thanksgiving and then Christmas comes, it’s so easy to put on enough weight that we all have to spend the next five months working it off! Not this year for our Excy Family.

Instead of trying to come up with a New Year’s Resolution, lets start now! Get ready for the Excy 30-30-30 High Intensity Interval Training Challenge. 30 days of doing 30 second intervals at high intensity and 30 second intervals at low intensity for 20 minutes. The workouts will be available at anytime on our YouTube channel. Tune in daily at

Get Ready! 30 Days! 30 Seconds High Intensity. 30 Seconds Low Intensity. 20 Minute Workouts!

During this time, we will explore different cardio and strength training workouts and do them live so you can ask questions and provide feedback! This is the first time we have done something like this, so please share feedback and we will do everything we can to get better!

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect during the next 30 days:
Week 1: Make it a Habit: The goal is to use Excy everyday. We will focus on 20-minute workouts at a moderate pace and get familiar with how Excy works and the different ways you can use Excy as a full body cross trainer at home, work, and on the go.
Week 2: Go a little harder: Build your endurance by keeping a brisk pace with moderate resistance at your peak intervals.
Week 3: Crank it up: You’ll burn more calories and tone more when your burst intervals are at a higher levels of resistance. We will start to explore incorporating cranking and spinning.
Week 4: Pull it all together. Explore how to effectively use short burst intervals at higher resistance levels where you can push your bursts to points of exhaustion for 30 seconds and build strength too.

We will get creative along the way, but here’s a general overview of the weekly schedule:
Monday + Thursday: Upper Body. Focus on upper body cardio and sculpting your arms, shoulders, and upper back.
Tuesday and Friday: Focus on your lower body (legs, glutes, calf muscles)
Wednesday +Saturday: Core Cardio and Strength: Focus on your core to firm and flatten those hard to tone belly muscles + incorporate arms and legs
Sunday: Mix it up. Lets get creative! Combo of strength training and cardio.

Some of you have been using Excy for quite some time and will already be able to push your burst levels higher immediately! Still feel free to join us! There are so many ways to use Excy and this will be a good time to explore. We will use the Excy freestyle app during this workout, which you can download at You can find our favorite iPhone holder on Amazon. The mobile app is not mandatory to participate. This is going to be fun!

Before you begin any new training program that includes Excy, especially if you are not used to high intensity exercise, we strongly advise you consult a physician.You should read the Excy Owner’s Manual and make sure you understand all aspects of the Excy portable cross training  system and different accessories.

If you ever feel any pain, discomfort, or shortness of breath, please stop using Excy and talk to a doctor. Using the Excy cycling system should be an enjoyable exercise experience, whether using the system vigorously, moderate, or for a light workout.

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