We just kicked off Day 2 of our Live Move More challenge on Facebook, which is all about getting to know Excy as an arm bike (similar to an upper body ergometer, but more versatile) for aerobic, anaerobic, and range of motion exercises. All too often, when we think of wanting to burn calories or build muscle, we go right for exercises that impact the Gluteus maximus (glutes) because it’s the largest muscle in the human body. But, a very close second is the bilateral latissimus dorsi muscles which are your “lats” and one of the widest muscles in the human body. So, we can’t forget to put our “lats” to work, especially after keeping our upper body confined all day working at a keyboard or holding our phones with our arms in a Tyrannosaurus rex position! Your upper body needs the same attention as your lower body and vice versa.

Hand on shoulder

Thanks to Excy’s truly revolutionary design, not only can you use the Excy system as an exercise bike for your lower body, but you can also use the system to enjoy a greater range of exercises for an enhanced upper body workout experience that includes both aerobic, anaerobic and range of motion exercises. In addition, for those with leg injuries, Excy can be an amazing way to stay active with upper body cardio, especially until your injury is fully recovered and the idea of losing your fitness can feel devastating. Independent crank arms with adjustable bi-directional resistance allows for a variety of movement and deeper engagement.

Excy can also be an amazing system for shoulder rehab when working directly with your physical therapist, allowing you to start with zero resistance and work up to 30 pounds. If you never have plans to put our resistance to work, save the money by visiting Amazon for a basic arm bike (we have 10X the resistance force and 15X the resistance torque of any other portable exercise cycles). Excy was built to last and you’ll never outgrow its capabilities!

So, don’t hesitate to crank Excy anytime for an upper body arm bike workout on your schedule! Here are a few Excy upper body training videos to explore.

Always consult a doctor before starting a new exercise routine and work directly with your physical therapist if you are using Excy for rehab.


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