Today we kicked of Day 3 of the Excy Move More 30-Day Challenge, where we use our patent-pending approach to prevent the Excy portable exercise cycling system from scooting away at varying degrees of bi-directional resistance while using a similar approach as a bicycle crunch. Not only is this a great workout for the physically fit or fitness beginner with zero-30 pounds of resistance, but this approach can also be used in many different ways, including a bed.

Why Are We Calling Out Exercises From a Bed?

We made Excy so versatile, durable, and easy to use so that anyone can conveniently connect quality exercise to everyday life, whether at home, work, or on the go. Also, whether fit, injured, or ill. So, when we came across an article today about how early bicycle exercise in a hospital intensive care unit (ICU) may help some patients recover more quickly, we couldn’t help be get excited. We believe Excy can help in these type of situations with our innovative approach that we call the Excy Keeper. Other lightweight and/or portable exercise equipment on the market have had to sacrifice high levels of intensity and high ranges of resistance because the devices aren’t durable enough. For example, they scoot across the floor at moderate levels of intensity or have weight limitations. In addition, these devices are often too large and awkward to be easily transported or stored. Excy has eliminated these traditional challenges with a patent-pending approach that allows riders to use their body weight and a flexible material called the Excy Keeper to keep the cycling system stationary even at high levels of intensity and resistance. With the Excy Keeper, riders can conveniently turn what they already have—a chair, table, bed, and floor—into a robust total body cross trainer by simply placing their body weight on the Excy Keeper, whether in a standing, kneeling, lying, or sitting position.

We welcome the opportunity to work directly with hospitals, personal trainers, physical therapists and other experts who might be interested in using Excy in challenging situations, including the bed. Email us anytime at excy (@)

Here are a few examples of using Excy from a bed (always consult a doctor first before starting a new exercise routine). Excy also makes for a great travel cross trainer for you road warriors!



Here are some interesting ways that Excy stacks up against traditional exercise bikes and upper body ergometers



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