Keep Active and Safe This Summer!

There’s a great article in USA Today with suggestions on helping seniors keep active this summer while also staying safe. The article brings up several good points about how quickly we can get dehydrated as we get older, as well as how easy it is to stop doing outdoor activities that we enjoy because it’s just too hot outside.

To avoid dehydration, the article suggests:

  • Drink water! Everyone seems to know this but often forget until they feel thirsty. The general rule of thumb is to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily. However, for those seniors who are able to enjoy outdoor activities while in the summer heat, water intake should increase.
  • Don’t wait until you’re feeling thirsty to drink water; at that point, dehydration has already started.
  • If you’re frequently active outside, mix up your water intake with sports drinks to help replenish your body of electrolytes with fluids.

We know that motion is lotion for our joints and our bodies need movement for greater health, so it’s important to keep active, even when it’s ridiculously hot outside. We often suggest to take Excy outside for fresh air, but as the weather gets really hot this summer, it can be the perfect time to park your Excy in front of a TV or air conditioner with a big glass of ice water and pedal exercise away, whether with your arms or legs. If your workplace has air conditioning, you can also use your Excy at work for a quick workout at your desk.

Explore the Excy YouTube Channel for Fun Exercise Ideas While Watching TV

If you do want to exercise outside this summer with your Excy, consider an early morning spin or late evening spin or find a nice place under your favorite tree! Whatever you choose to keep active this the summer, stay cool in the summer heat.

The Mayo Clinic has some great tips for keeping cool in hot weather!

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