Functional Training with Excy for Strong Core

Today, we kicked off Day 2 of the 7-Day Excy Upper Body Hand Cycling and Cranking Challenge with functional training that closely resembles many activities of everyday life. We squat to engage our lower body with high resistance upper body cranking to engage the core with nearly every rotational hand cycle movement.

No matter where motion starts, everyday basic activities call on your core to perform common daily activities like putting on shoes, bathing, picking up a package, gardening, or scooping up a small child. Without a strong core, even mundane actions can become difficult or painful. So, as we age, building up a strong core not only enhances balance and stability to help prevent falls and injuries, it also directly transfers to real-world improvements in real-life activities.

This week, we are focusing on using Excy as an upper body ergometer for hand cycling, cranking, and exercise burst techniques with short 10-minute workouts. These workouts are less about developing rippling abs and more about embracing the real-world benefits of strengthening your core with an emphasis on everyday acts that spring from, or pass through, the core from mopping and vacuuming, to sex, to athletic activities.

With Excy, there are so many different exercise modalities for cardio, strength training, movement, functional resistance training and range of motion. Explore our website for more details. There’s also great insight into the growing adoption of functional training from the American Council on Exercise.

Today’s Upper Body Ergometer Hand Cycling Move

Explore how PTs suggest to use Excy across a broad spectrum of exercises. See more live training at

Always consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program.


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