UBE Floor Upper-Body Resistance Workout

Today, we kicked off Day 3 of the 7-Day Excy Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) with functional training that relates to life moves like rocking a baby, stretching out to grab something, or pulling and pushing with force. There are wonderful benefits of upper-body resistance workouts like Excy that go well beyond simply trying to improve the appearance of your body above your waistline. Why? If your upper body flexibility, mobility, range of motion and strength deteriorates as you age, you could become prone to injuries, disease and a diminished quality of life.

In today’s UBE Excy floor workout, we move our upper body with easy and challenging resistance levels to engage the core with nearly every rotation, focusing on all joints including shoulders, elbows, neck, spine, hands and wrists. There are so many different ways to use Excy as a UBE, but one common theme underlines all workouts and that is to focus on engaging both push and pull muscles equally.

Don’t Forgot Your Core!

Sure, we are calling this an upper body challenge, but as in life, when we engage our upper body with Excy, the core underpins everything that we do since most upper body exercises require a tightened core to keep balance and form. So, while your goal might be to get amazing looking toned arms, as you crank Excy every rotation should also engage your core. Why is this important? Your core isn’t just your ab muscles, it’s your body’s powerhouse with deep internal muscles close to the spine that will affect the quality of your life if it becomes weak.

As you jump into today’s Excy UBE workout, it’s important to start easy to get the deeper muscles working first, and then build core strength over time. With every rotation and movement, focus on controlled forces to keep your abdomen engaged. Harvard Health Publishing has a great article on the real-world benefits of strengthening your core.

Here’s Today’s Excy UBE Workout

Always consult a doctor before starting a new exercise program. You should never experience pain when using Excy.


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