TRX Cardio and Strength Training Infused with Excy Cycling

TRX cardio workouts are a great way to improve flexibility, balance, strength, and burn calories, but today we added the Excy portable exercise bike to spice things up. We kicked things off with Excy as unicycle exercise bike, creating a TRX cardio and strength training connection that was beyond fun and challenging. In this position, you truly engage your entire body, but will feel it in the quads and core the most. We used the Excy Mobile Coaching application to guide the workout with the Burst Play workout set to 20 minutes and intervals set at 45 seconds for fast and 45 seconds for slow.

Then we incorporated pushups, a superman move, pull-ups, step cycling and so much more. This was the first time we have incorporated TRX exercises into an Excy full body cycling circuit, which we did at the request of a customer recovering from an injury who is looking to return to play and needs to get his core strong again and build cardiovascular capacity.

Excy recumbent exercise bike, upper body ergometer and other cardio and strength training positions are challenging enough on their own, but the unicycle exercise bike and step cycling positions are advanced and very challenging, even for elite athletes. Adding TRX cardio exercises opened up some additional complexity and creativity.

We will come up with some more Excy infused TRX cardio and strength training workouts for you!

Snapshot of today’s Excy TRX Cardio and Strength Training Workout



The live TRX Cardio and Strength Training Workout



Proper setup for the Excy unicycle exercise bike and step cycling position below (see TRX guide for setup)


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