Week 2: High-End Aerobic Fitness to Low Intensity Movement Ergometer Workouts

We continue to push to showcase a variety of Excy ergometer workouts to help you get the most out of your full body portable exercise bike! We’re all about helping you discover exercises that you like to do, and even ones where you will have a little fun. Why? Because if we do things that we like, we are more likely to keep doing them!

You can find all upper and lower body ergometer workouts via Excy.Live, within the Excy Mobile Coach application or the Excy YouTube Channel. We also share workouts via social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Below are quick snapshots!

Chair Pedal Exerciser and Unicycle Exercise Bike Workout

In this workout, we turn a bar stool into a full-blown cycling experience.



Bed Exercises for Burning Calories, Movement and Home Physical Therapy

In this live Excy workout, we turn the bed into a cycling experience to work our heart, legs, core, butt, hips, thighs and upper body.


Unfolded a Powerful Cycling Workout with an Exercise Ball

A folding exercise bike isn’t known for producing great workouts, but that’s just not the case with Excy! In this live cycling workout, we get into great beginner and advanced core and leg cycling workouts using an exercise ball with the Excy Keeper.



Shoulder Rehab Exercises with Excy as an Upper Body Ergometer

Shoulder rehab exercises can be tough to do at home, whether you have a new injury, are in the midst of physical therapy, or if post rehab and working on shoulder exercises at home. We make it much easier (make sure you work directly with your physical therapist). In fact, take Excy with you and show them our physical therapy ergometer workouts so they can personalize your program.



TRX Cardio and Strength Training Infused with Excy Cycling

TRX cardio workouts are a great way to improve flexibility, balance, strength, and burn calories, but today we added the Excy portable exercise bike to spice things up.



Today, we kicked off week 3 with a light upper body ergometer workout!


We will continue to mix things up this week! Tune in to our Facebook channel at 6:00 a.m. to join a live workout. Always consult a doctor before starting a new exercise program.

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