The World’s First Rack Mounted Upper Body Ergometer

We are excited to introduce the XCR 300 today, the world’s first upper body ergometer (UBE) for power racks and squat stands. The new XCR 300, a near-zero footprint UBE, clasps easily to any rack in under a minute, slides simply up and down the rack for cross training versatility, and offers 2 to 70 pounds of quiet bi-directional resistance. At only 12 pounds, the patent-pending approach is ideal for upper body sports conditioning and physical therapy without the drawbacks of traditionally large, isolating, and expensive equipment.  The XCR 300 is being shown today for the first time at the Combined Sections Physical Therapy conference in Washington, D.C.

As a young, innovative start-up committed to inclusive fitness, we are proud to be an integral component of training for a largely neglected population, such as those battling limited mobility due to temporary and permanent injuries, fatigue caused by cancer treatments and disease, and chronic health conditions like Parkinson’s disease, MS, POTS, and more. Excy’s patented approach makes full-body cycling fitness available from a chair, bed, table, or while lying on the floor has been applauded for serving those who need convenient access to quality cardio and strength training exercises. Embraced by consumers for home fitness, physical therapy clinics, and hospitals like Stanford Health Care, the addition of the XCR 300 furthers the Excy’s commitment to providing even more inclusive medical fitness options that are always accessible when and where people need them.

See the XCR 300 in action!

Research shows that upper limb exercise can lead to higher heart rates than lower limb exercise, including the American Council on Exercise (ACE), demonstrating the ability to burn 9 – 11 calories per minute with upper body cycling.

Our machines are designed to be universal and fit where people work, live and play, and we are thrilled to provide the benefits of frequent exercise to people of all abilities, whether someone wants a leisure spin or a vigorous workout.

Not only is the XCR a phenomenal upper body workout, but you also automatically engage the stabilizing trunk muscles, especially when cranking rapidly at higher levels of resistance or integrating a balance component like standing on one leg or a Bosu Ball.

The XCR 300 is consistent with other upper body ergometers in its heavy-duty metal construction and diverse physical therapy and upper body sports training applications, but the device separates itself from the status quo in critical ways:

  • Small footprint: Takes up no floor space and weighs only 12 pounds. Size while being used: 28L” x 20W” x 7H” with a travel footprint of 28L” x 7W” x 7H”.
  • Versatility: Upper body training available from standing, seated, squatting and lying down positions. Wheelchair access is easy. Foot pedals can be added for recumbent and floor cycling positions.
  • Active bi-directional resistance: 2 to 70 pounds of resistance easily adjusts on the fly and engages muscles throughout all movements.
  • Widest range of height adjustability: Exercises can be done above the shoulders, below the waist and everywhere in between.
  • Mobile coaching: The XCR 300 is supported by a vast library of free on-demand physical therapy guided training, live workouts, and mobile coaching through its website and companion mobile applications for iOS and Android.
  • Affordability – The XCR retails at $999. Comparative in quality devices are at least double the cost or more.

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