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Can Self-Care Be Simple and Inexpensive? HealthYeah!

Guest author: Emma Grace Brown

For many of us, time and money are at a premium these days, and the last thing self-care should feel like is added pressure. If you think it requires squeezing more out of your schedule or wallet for things like gym memberships, personal trainers, and exotic therapies, there is good news. Some of the best self-care practices are both simple and inexpensive.    

Reduce stress naturally 

If you feel stressed, you aren’t alone. According to some statistics, stress is extremely commonplace in America, with nearly half of us experiencing a major stressor in the last year, and most people reporting chronic states of at least moderate stress.

Stress can be damaging to your mind and body, and some of the potential consequences are alarming. In the short-term, there can be issues like headaches, fatigue, sleeplessness, trouble focusing, and digestive upset. Potential long-term effects from chronic stress include depression, heart disease, diabetes, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, and autoimmune disorders.

If you’re struggling, consider natural relief through CBD. As Mayo Clinic explains, CBD is being used to relieve a variety of concerns, such as anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation. It’s typically a less costly option than many other therapies, and you can even ease into trying it through gummies. There are also other edibles like hard candies, chocolates, and caramels. For best results, be alert to variances in dosage and concentration, and before you delve into any new therapies, you should always check with your doctor.  

Work in a workout

How hard do you think you need to exercise to be healthy? You might be picturing distance running or powerlifting, but according to Harvard Health Publishing, people who engage in gentle activity throughout their days can see important improvements in their general wellness. Walking, doing yard work, stretching, and cleaning the house can really pay off. It appears the key is to avoid being sedentary for lengthy amounts of time.

With that in mind, consider some easy and affordable lifestyle changes. Stroll with your dog a couple of times a day. Gather the kids to go for a family bike ride. Next time you’re settling in to watch the tv or chat on the phone, think about how you could be more active. Grab some dumbbells, and snag a workout during commercial breaks or while you’re sitting on hold. Consider equipment that is effective and fun to use, so exercise is interesting and convenient. For those who need cardio and strength training, even with limited mobility challenges, Excy offers a great cross training experience.

Prioritize healthy eating

Making healthy eating an important part of your daily routine requires that you make a commitment to a lifestyle change. In other words, be mindful about what you’re eating every day as opposed to every other week. The ingredient for success is to make small changes that are easy to uphold. Use smaller plates, keep a bowl of fruit out as a reminder, put away technology distractions while you eat, and replace unhealthy snacks with healthy ones such as yogurt or dark chocolate.

Keep in mind that your diet alone won’t provide you with the nutrients your body needs, so consider supplementing with a multivitamin. You’ll get nutrients that are often depleted from the soil, in addition to a boost to your energy, gut health, and mood.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Spending time in nature is something many of us don’t do much of these days. Some research reflects most Americans hardly go outdoors at all, and as a result, we’re breathing less clean air from indoor pollution and losing out on some important health benefits from being outside.

Sunlight can help your body synchronize with daytime cycles so you sleep better at night. It can also help your body produce vitamin D, which can help regulate blood pressure, improve brain function, and ward off cancer. Being with nature can also be a key. It’s a natural stress reducer, and it can boost your immune function, sharpen your mind, and even lengthen your life—all for free and for as little as 20 minutes! If you do have an Excy, make sure to explore using it outside, even on the sidelines of your kid’s sporting events.

If your days are pretty full, nighttime also offers some wonderful health benefits. Consider adding some stargazing to your self-care regimen. Looking at the night sky can be a wonderful reality-check, reminding you how grand the universe is and how small troubles really are. It can inspire creativity and encourage you to set aside obligations and responsibilities. So try a bit of nightly time in nature, relaxing and quieting your mind and body.  

Self-care needn’t be costly or time-consuming. Lower your stress levels, stay active, and spend time outdoors.


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