Resilience Feels More Important Than Ever

Whenever I do a challenge for Excy, I typically start it on the first of the month and there’s usually a theme. These are not normal times! Things are such a mess in the world that a theme has not jumped into my mind (until yesterday, which is Resilience). 

Psychologists define resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress. For example, family and relationship problems, the loss of a business, serious health problems, a debilitating injury, a death in the family, or workplace and financial stressors. Amid the current crisis of COVID-19’s impact on the world, building resilience feels more important than it ever has in my lifetime.

Inspired by the Inspired

I have listened intently to our customers over the last 100+ days and have been more than inspired. Observing others find the resilience to manage TBI, paralyzation, serious injuries, chronic pain, chronic health conditions, serious mobility constraints, and more has put my own challenges into perspective. COVID’s impact on my daily life and those around me who I love, rely on, cherish, and respect has had me spending a vast amount of wasted time trying to find the mental and physical resources to return to some sort of balance. I’m tired, in fact exhausted, of trying to navigate the twists and turns of COVID life. There really is no way to balance it all.

This is No Time to Give Up. This Too Shall Pass

I’m not one to throw my hands up in defeat. It’s just not in me. Right now, it feels like the biggest thing I can do is to continue focusing on raising a resilient child. That is my number one priority, all else is a very distant second. Pulling this off starts with being a strong and competent role model who does not crumble under the pressure of all that is wrong in the world. 

The New Excy Resilience Challenge

So, for August, I am picking Resilience as my exercise challenge theme for Excy and will share tips I create for myself along the way, while showing all the ways to exercise with Excy. I’ve already shared my thoughts about the role of exercise in building a stronger immune system during this crazy COVID life. But, also note that regular exercise is associated with emotional resilience to acute stress in healthy adults.  Research has also shown that physical activity reorganizes the brain so that its response to stress is reduced and anxiety is less likely to interfere with normal brain function. Helping people get that consistent exercise feels like the biggest contribution I can make for my mental and physical health, as well as that of our customers.

In everything I do, I want to open up exercise for others to gain access to the physical benefits of exercise such as strength and fitness, maintaining a healthy weight, and protecting us from chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. But also for positive effects on brain function and mental health. This includes reducing risk for anxiety and depression while improving mood, sleep and resilience to stress. This is why openly challenged the fitness industry to start being more inclusive in how exercise products and services are marketed to have a greater health impact on the world. There is zero doubt in my mind that the future of healthcare, including combating COVID-19, is in integrating healthcare and fitness.

Like most busy moms, my schedule is a little insane, so picking a consistent time to go live is tough. But, I’ll squeeze live Excy Resilience Exercise Challenges randomly during the day throughout the week starting tomorrow, August 5th at 7:00 a.m. PT.  I’ll spend more time getting into the specifics of setting up different full-body cycling positions for all the newbies who have recently joined the Excy Family. The first two minutes will show how to use Excy for light exercise. I’ll then jump into a moderate exercise, and wrap it up with vigorous levels of exercise. 

What to except day 1? We will bike laying down in a supine position with a resilient theme of patience and kindness.

You can join us on Facebook Live, visit at, or subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Read more about the science of exercise.


Michele Mehl

Co-founder and CEO | Excy

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