The Excy XCS Pro Portable Arm Ergometer

Highest Quality Portable Upper Body Ergometer for Pedaling Arms in Bed, from a Chair, a Table, or the Floor

The Only Portable Arm Ergometer to Exercise in Bed or Bedside from a Seated or Standing Position

Image: United States Marine Corps veteran Leigh sustained a spinal cord injury that left her partially paralyzed from the waist down while cleaning up Hurricane Fran damage in North Carolina.

Floor, Table, Chair and Arm Bed Bike – A Quality Portable Arm Ergometer

Excy is the highest quality portable arm ergometer for pedaling arms in bed, from a chair, a table, or the floor. Our patented approach empowers anyone, whether from a hospital bed or a physical therapy table, a wheelchair, going through upper body extremity rehabilitation, or training for adaptive competition to gain convenient access to upper body cardiovascular and strength training exercise.

Users can pedal arms from bed to improve strength and mobility. De-conditioned users with leg mobility constraints can use Excy as an arm bike in the hospital or at home after a surgery or illness. Patients preparing for hip and knee replacements can arm pedal at home prior to surgery to increase cardiovascular endurance prior to surgery.

In working with customers like Stanford Health Hospital, University of the Pacific sports rehabilitation department, and physical therapy clinics across the country, we’re worked hard to make upper body pedaling movements widely available to all patients from a seated and standing position. The Excy XCS Pro makes it possible for rehab professionals to teach patients to move in ways to ease pain and improve function, and avoid the health complications of being sedentary using upper body fitness.

Total Versatility for Multiple Portable Arm Ergometer Positions


Sitting in Bed

Bedside from Chair

Bedside or Table

Small Motions

Closer Look at the Excy XCS Pro Portable Arm Ergometer

Excy XCS Pro Arm Ergometer Specs

Portable exercise rehabilitation made easier


Excy XCS Pro Upper Body Ergometer

  • Lightweight 14.5 pounds and compact
  • Storage dimensions L30” x W18”x H5.5”
  • Folds and unfolds easily
  • Active resistance from 1-25 pounds
  • Four adjustable UBE heights (forward and side profile exercises)
  • Large resistance knob
  • Bi-directional quiet resistance
  • 6″ cranks
  • No assembly required
  • Thermal sensor to measure output
  • No weight limit (rider sits in chair)
  • Easy to carry
  • Disinfects safely
  • Heavy duty metal construction. Powder coated.
  • Recyclable packaging

Excy XCS Pro Accessories

  • Ergonomic hand pedals, standard foot pedal, medical pedals with foot straps
  • Wrench for changing pedals (accommodates any 9/16″ pedal)
  • Clevis pins to easily shift between four height positions
  • Patented Keeper prevents scooting for bed cycling and chair cycling positions
  • Toggle ties for chair cycling legs
  • Smartphone holder available add-on

Upper Body Ergometer Positions Ideal for:

  • Seated or standing cardiovascular exercise
  • Strengthening upper body muscles
  • Improving mobility and range of motion in shoulders
  • Individuals in hospitals for several weeks
  • Teaching patients to move in ways to ease pain and improve function

One System. Endless Possibilities.

Also Works as Portable Recumbent Bike

The patented Excy XCS Pro offers the best recumbent exercise bike for on the go caretakers who want to hand carry the benefits of a recumbent exercise bike directly to users.

Great for Lying Down Cyling

The new Excy XCS Pro offers a stable lower body bed cycling experience for people who can’t stand or walk with ease. Bed exercises or bedside movements can be done from a seated or lying down position to coordinate range of motion, isometric, and full rotation exercises.

On-demand Instruction and Tracking

  • 14 physical therapy guided upper body videos (online and mobile)
  • 3 guided arm ergometer interval training workouts
  • 2 customized interval clocks, including forward and backwards prompts
  • Track intensity, duration, calories
  • Visual illustrations (online, mobile, and printed)

Meet the Excy Mobile Coach

Easily create customized exercise programs available in collaboration with PT-Helper. Physical therapists can pick an Excy exercise and easily customize duration, hold time, recovery time, rest time, repetitions, and more.

A Quality System at Your Beck and Call

Learn More About Excy XCS Pro as a Quality Full Body Ergometer

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