Exercise Barriers Must Be Erased for People with Limited Mobility 

As we get ready to celebrate 4th of July, it’s important to note that exercise is a tool for independence! Going to the gym regularly requires dedication and discipline if you’re an able-bodied individual. But, for people with limited mobility, the gym isn’t always an easy option. Why? Because the machines and methods aren’t easily accessible to the way many disabled bodies work. It’s also harder to get to a gym regularly for people who have difficulty walking, struggle with balance, or have problems seeing.

One in four U.S. adults lives with a disability. Another 6 of 10 live with at least one chronic disease, often making major life activities challenging. This includes the ability to exercise. In fact, half of the 21 million Americans who have a disability don’t exercise. This makes them 50 percent more likely to get cancer, diabetes, stroke or heart disease than those who get the recommended amount of physical activity.

So what can be done to make high quality, regular workouts more easily accessible for people with limited mobility and disabilities? It all starts with eliminating the barriers of access, time, and space!

Excy Makes Access to Safe Exercise Easier Anywhere!

Excy is a full-body exercise bike built for fitness and physical therapy that goes anywhere, and it’s changing lives. Our unique approach offers people battling injury, disability, or disease more time, places, and flexibility to enjoy the benefits of upper and lower body cycling.

We do this without the barriers of big, expensive, and socially isolating exercise equipment. Customers range from people with Arthritis, COPD, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, POTS, Spinal Cord Injuries, Diabetes, Neuropathy, and Obesity. We also have multiple customers going through stroke recovery, post-surgery rehabilitation, amputation and more. The key of our small bikes? They simulate the same cardio and strength-training resistance exercise movements frequently used by rehabilitation centers that require large equipment.

Just How is Excy Impacting Lives? See for Yourself!

Paralyzed Veteran Uses Excy for Upper Body Ergometer Workouts

Leigh began pedaling a hand bike in 2015 and is a proud member of Paralyzed Veterans Racing. She has placed in a number of races with best successes so far finishing 1st place in 2015 Army Ten Miler, 3rd place in 2015 Marine Corps Marathon, and medaling at both 2016 Paracycling Nationals and 2016 National Veterans Wheelchair Games. Leigh uses Excy as a hand cycle to train for competitions and is getting ready to head to the Warrior Games. Read her story.

Here’s Leigh training for upcoming Department of Defense Warrior Games. Trains with Excy as Upper Body Ergometer

Former Marathon Runner with Parkinson’s Disease Uses Excy to Cycle from Couch

Bob uses Excy to ride a recumbent exercise bike from his couch to help with leg pain (he rides every day!). Poor vision caused by Parkinson’s, tremors, inability to drive all make exercise hard. Excy is helping! Plus, he likes that his wife doesn’t complain about him watching TV, because he’s exercising. Read his story.

Bob rides Excy daily as a recumbent exercise bike from his couch to help with Parkinson’s disease symptoms. Also peals excy as an arm ergometer.

Previous Fitness Enthusiast with MS Uses Excy to Exercise in Bed and More

Richelle has been battling MS for 10 years. She struggles with MS spasticity in her legs and back, sometimes causing debilitating pain. Richelle used to exercise religiously and was a fitness enthusiast, but now fitness is more difficult for her than ever before. She uses Excy to pedal her legs while lying down in bed, which helps ease the burden of getting to a gym. Plus, she’s a busy mom, so can spend time with her son while pedaling (even next to him while playing video games). Read her story.


Here’s a live workout with Richelle in multiple Excy positions. The portable Excy bike can be pedaled from seated, standing, kneeling, and lying down positions.

Excy Mobile Coach Like a Trainer in the Back Pocket


The Excy Mobile Coach offers over 30 videos from physical therapists, exercise illustrations, and much more!

Not only did we build a device that’s ready when you are, we also built a free mobile coach application with live, on-demand, and guided training to help drive your success! The Excy mobile coach is a great way for those with limited mobility to feel like they have a personal trainer in their back pocket! Learn more.

To learn more about Excy and the lives it’s changing, visit: www.excy.reviews.

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