New Excy Hang On Bar: Ultimate Cardio and Strength Training Floor Exercises

We’re super excited to announce the new Excy Hang On Bar because it adds an entirely new level of high force bi-directional leg cranking, spinning, and range of motion exercises! You will be shocked at the numerous floor exercises for targeting muscles in the trunk, lower back, glutes, legs, calves, and feet from a supine cycling position. It even integrates some upper body isometric forces into the equation and your core will also thank you.

Excy has long supported a supine cycling experience since launching our innovative portable cycling device on Kickstarter. Cycling lying down has become one of our most popular workouts. It’s not only fun and effective, but also great for improving circulation, preserving joint integrity, and preventing lower-limb muscle weakness due to limited mobility.

Crank Up the Intensity of Floor Exercises

As you can see in the below image, there’s plenty of intensity in our current floor exercises (image on left). But, the new Hang On Bar (image on the right) gives you more leverage to fully put the resistance capabilities of Excy to work.

The secret to Excy’s durable design is the patented Keeper, which simply uses the rider’s body weight to prevent the bike from scooting, whether in a kneeling, lying down, or sitting position.
The new Hang On Bar simply attaches to the Keeper in seconds, allowing the rider to hold on and crank their legs at significantly higher forces while lying down compared to without it

Greater Access to Leverage the 2-70 Pounds of Resistance in Excy

With 2-70 pounds of bi-directional resistance, Excy portable bikes are capable of light to athletic performance levels for cardio, strength training, and range of motion exercises. In one system that folds for easy storage and transport, you get a recumbent exercise bike, upper body ergometer, step cycle, a lying down bike and so much more.

By introducing the Hang On Bar, riders can now crank up the power for Excy’s supine cycling workouts because you can use higher levels of force. For instance, you can crank the resistance high enough to perform exercises similar to weighted squats, leg presses, lunges and the like. As a result, you can start easy by simply grabbing the bar while pedaling to engage your core with your back flat on the floor, then slightly increase the angle of the pelvis for more core engagement. Want greater intensity? Lift pelvis into a full bridge position to build greater endurance and strength.

Flat on back

Increase angle of pelvis

Full bridge

Resistance can be dialed up or down for cardio and/or strength training workouts with low impact on joints. It is ideal for slow motion high force cranking to build total body strength, with a specific focus on engaging the core, glutes, and legs. 

You’re in complete control of resistance and intensity. Use indoors and outdoors! Always consult a doctor before starting a new exercise program.

New Hand Foot Pedal Too!

We’re super excited to also announce a new dual-purpose hand and foot pedal. The new Hand Foot Pedal allows for added convenience and comfort when switching between upper and lower body cycling workouts. One side includes a soft foam cushion for an ergonomically correct and comfortable hand cycling position. But, you can simply flip the pedal to crank barefoot, in socks, or with shoes. The Excy Hand Foot Pedal works with any 9/16” crank arm.


The Excy Hang on Bar retails for $79.95. The new dual purpose Hand Foot Pedal ships standard with all Excy XCS 200 systems, but is available for purchase for $69. Excy portable exercise bikes start at $699. Rent-to-own and monthly rental programs are also available. Excy also provides a free mobile coaching application for Android and iOS with live, on-demand, and guided training from physical therapists.

Live Introduction Video: Meet the Excy Hang On Bar!

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