Arm Bike Exercises for Cardio and Strength Training Anywhere with Excy

Arm bike exercises with Excy give you the freedom to never have to worry about skipping a cardio or strength training workout! Leg injury? Lower extremity disability? Pushed yourself too hard the previous day in a leg workout? Want an awesome upper body workout? No worries! We’ve got you covered with the Excy portable gym quality upper body ergometer for anywhere cardio and strength training.

With 2 to 70 pounds of resistance, you get total versatility for rehab, fitness, and strength building routines. Workouts can be done from standing and seated positions, including the ability to hand cycle in bed. Also, the ability to perform non-weight bearing exercises to maintain fitness after a lower body injury.

You get so many wonderful hand cycling exercises for use in private homes, hospitals, physical therapy clinics, and sports fields.

Arm Bike Exercises Overview with Excy

Below is an overview of many ways that you can use Excy for arm bike workouts using the XCS 200 series. Our XCS 260 offers the most versatility, but many positions can also be done with the XCS 240. Explore the differences in the models here.

Our XCR 300 is also the perfect option to turn a squat rack into an upper body ergometer.


Arm Bike Benefits

The Excy arm bike, also called an upper-body ergometer or hand cycle, can get your heart pumping for cardio and burning calories. This is all made possible while giving your legs a rest. Resistance can be set to low to increase blood flow to specific areas, speed recovery, and decrease inflammation. Simply increase resistance for a more strenuous strength training workout.

Excy changes the game with a more versatile high quality arm ergometer solution. Why? Unlike giant equipment in a gym, Excy folds for easy storage and transport while offering more versatility.

We make it much easier to make hand cycling a standard in your home fitness or physical therapy routine, but also an awesome cross-training alternative to complement a variety of fitness routines.

Excy Gym Quality Portable Upper Body Arm Ergometer Workout from seated position

Just How Many Calories Can You Burn Hand Cycling with Excy

According to Diet & Fitness Today, a 163-pound female will burn 104 calories in 30 minutes on the arm bike. That number jumps to 121 calories for a 190-pound male.

Quality arm bikes offers an effective alternative for blasting calories and boosting your heart rate. The beauty in Excy is that our systems provide cycling for both the arms and the legs, for a total body workout.

Never Be Bored Again!

So many people do the same workout every day and many mostly focus on legs when it comes to cardio. Don’t do it! Not only does it lead to boredom, but results can diminish over time.

Variety is the spice of life. Using the Excy arm bike is a fun way to make fitness more interesting and fun. It’s also a wonderful alternative when you get bored of the club standard treadmill, stationary bike, and elliptical trainer.