Gym Quality Indoor and Outdoor Quality Pedal Exerciser Makes Cycling Fun Anywhere

Excy isn’t your typical portable pedal exerciser. Why? Because it’s a high quality portable pedal exerciser that doesn’t scoot and you can get an amazing workout! Not only is it unmatched in quality and resistance, but it also folds easy for storage and transport to use as an upper and lower body cycle restorator anywhere. Also, it doesn’t mind getting a little dirty and in fact, we made Excy rugged so that like a bicycle, it can go on adventures, so take it outside.So, make sure to turn typical sedentary moments while watching TV, at work, or even on the sidelines of kid’s activities to get your body in motion! Motion is lotion for the joints.

You’ll get a feel for the nature for what we mean when we say quality pedal exerciser in today’s workout where we use Excy as an exercise bike to get our blood pumping and our legs moving with a simple, yet effective leg cycling pedal motion. With the simple twist of the knob you can adjust resistance from easy to very hard and land on an ideal difficulty level for strengthening your legs and improving circulation. The rubber bumpers help keep the Excy pedal exerciser in place, but to really hammer hard, explore adding the Excy Keeper in the recumbent bike position. This is a great leg pedaling position with any chair for a safe and gentle form of low impact exercise and is ideal for stimulating circulation at home, work, or on the go.

In today’s workout, we also threw in an upper body strength-training move, promoting upper body cardio and strength training for your arms and core (requires a very sturdy surface for this arm move). Excy’s beauty as a pedal exerciser for arms and legs is in its simplicity. You can go as light or as hard as you want! Use the Excy Mobile Coaching app to create intervals or follow a guided workout. Explore other training at

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