Bring on More Movement vs. Less in February 2018

At Excy, we’re all about providing better access to cardio, strength training, and therapeutic full body ergometer cycling to make exercise dramatically easier, more convenient, more productive, less risky and more fun. Throughout the month of January, we showcased so many different ways to use Excy, which we have compiled into one blog post with snapshots of each workout below. Take a quick look to find your favorite stationary recumbent exercise bike, upper body ergometer, floor exercise and other training moves that simulate weight lifting, rowing, swimming and more. Some of our favorite moves included pedaling backwards at high resistance, focusing on stationary bike arm and leg exercises, bed exercises, and we kicked off our first workout with TRX for cardio and strength training.

We hope these snapshots keep you inspired to explore the full potential of your Excy system to meet your goals! With Groundhog Day approaching tomorrow, we invite you to not relive the classic process of letting your goals be sidelined again and again … and again. This is a good time to revisit your exercise goals to make sure they are realistic for you and your family. But, above all else when it comes to exercise, at a minimum we invite you to meet the American Heart Association’s (AHA) minimum exercise requirement to improve overall cardiovascular health or lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

January Excy Snapshots of Live Workouts

You can explore these live workouts anytime via our mobile coaching application, Excy.Live or via our Facebook or YouTube channel!

Kitchen table hand cycling for an upper body workout

Cardio and strength training floor exercises for legs

Floor hip exercises for mobility and range of motion

High resistance floor cycling for total body workout

Functional resistance training and balance endurance

Hand cycling and rowing floor upper body ergometer

Stationary recumbent bike with resistance bands

Bear crawl floor leg exercises and hover hand cycling

Bar stool chair pedal exerciser routine

Bed exercises for legs, arms, core, and range of motion

Floor cycling exercise ball workout for cardio and balance

Table upper body ergometer shoulder exercises

Unicycle exercise and step cycling with TRX bands

Upper body arm ergometer workout from a chair

Core bridge exercise cycling work and planks

Recumbent bike with arm cycling workout

Upper body ergometer floor exercises and shoulder stretches

Stationary Recumbent Exercise Bike Chair HIIT Workout

Chair cycling with dips and bridge cycling

Unicycle exercise cycling today + plank cranking

Speed skate exercises, lunges, balance training and upper body

Unicycle, step cycle, full sprints and planking workout

Chair cycle reverse pedaling at high resistance

Shoulder Rocking and Core Upper Body Trunk Work

Recumbent cycling with Therabands and a weighted ball

Upper body ergometer on the floor with a Bosu Ball

TRX whole body cycling exercises for cardio, strength, and core

We Also Showcased Three Getting Started Exercises for MS

Always consult a doctor before starting a new exercise program. Make sure to explore proper ergonomic setup videos before using your Excy system.

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