Chair Cycling with Excy on the Floor. Get to Know This Position!

Pedal exercisers are great for chair cycling, whether you are desk cycling from work during a conference call to fight the battle of sitting disease or simply enjoying your favorite TV show from the comfort of your couch. With Excy, not only can you sit back in a comfortable chair and pedal away, you can also enjoy the pedaling experience from the side of a bed or a physical therapy table. The wide front and rear legs, low height (which is adjustable for multiple other exercise scenarios), and stable base will make sure that you don’t run into challenges that you see in cheaper portable exercise bikes where they rock back and forth and scoot away from the rider. Plus, our approach to resistance keeps the pedals moving smoothly and quietly, which allows you to focus on pedaling without distracting those around you. It’s much more like riding a real bike and we also a multitude of full-body cardio and resistance training exercises.

Getting Started with Excy Chair Cycling

Position Excy in the front of the chair/PT table, or bed on the floor. Adjust the height and length to your preferred workout position. You should always have a 25-30 degree bend in your knee for the greatest pedaling power, comfort, and to prevent injury. Pedal the Excy portable exercise bike to make sure the distance is correct. Adjust if necessary. Cycle with the balls of your feet on the pedals and with your feet facing straightforward. Your feet should be close to the crank arm, but never so close that your ankle will hit on its way through the stroke. Avoid splaying your feet outwards or rotating them inwards while cycling a full rotation and try to drive your feet forward, backward, and around in a smooth circle or cranking position at higher levels of resistance (at higher levels of resistance, the experience will feel more like cranking up a hill). The favored foot position is barefoot or in socks, as that allows your toes to get involved in pedaling in smooth circles (curl toes around pedal for more engagement). When wearing shoes, make sure they are suitable to allow you to maintain a fixed and stable position on the pedals. Keep your trunk nice and upright to effectively use your musculature. Higher chairs can be used to get in an upright cycling position. Don’t forget that the Excy portable exercise bike also turns any chair into a quality stationary recumbent exercise bike and so much more! Don’t forget to explore our amazing exercises for bed too!

Excy Ergonomic Chair Cycling Posture and Positioning

Excy Chair Cycling Setup

Using Excy in the Chair Cycling Position for Range of Motion Exercises

There are so many different ways to enjoy Excy! Chair cycling is a wonderful way to get started and then you can explore everything Excy has to offer as a fully body upper and lower body cycling system as you build up your strength and stamina!

Quick Snapshots of Excy Chair Cycling Exercises in Action!

Get to Know the Excy Portable Full-Body Cycling System for Exercise and Physical Therapy!

Always consult a doctor before starting a new exercise program.

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