Convenient Access to Medical Fitness Drives Demand for Excy’s Exercise Equipment Rental Programs

Excy is super excited to announce the availability of month-to-month and rent-to-own exercise equipment rental programs. We understand that many people who need access to our device have lost income or gained medical expenses due injury, illness or a disability, yet have medical fitness requirements to help improve their health. These programs are designed to open up greater access to the Excy portable full body exercise bike.

Excy is committed to eliminating the barriers of exercise for all, not only with the inclusive design of our hardware and software, but in every aspect of building the company. We believe our new exercise equipment rental programs finds the sweet spot to make the convenience of Excy’s quality, versatility, and utility more affordable when people need it most. Check out the full press release here.


How the Excy Exercise Equipment Rental Program Works

  • Rent-to-Own Program: Available for all Excy products at retail costs. The programs require a small down payment, with remaining payments divided into monthly installments. Down payments and monthly terms vary based on the product selected and start for as little as $299 down and $34 per month. The renter owns the device at the end of the term.
  • Month-to-Month Rentals: Available for Excy’s most popular XCS 260 model. The down payment is $149 and $59 per month.

Non-Weight Bearing Exercise Drive Month-to-Month Rental Program

Many people rely on Excy for exercise endorphins while recovering from a lower extremity injury or surgery. In these situations, they use Excy for arm bike workouts for moderate to vigorous exercise while having non-weight bearing exercise restrictions. This allows them to get their heart pumping by using their arms, while giving their legs a rest. As restrictions are removed and weight-bearing exercises are allowed, they then coordinate their lower extremity rehabilitation on Excy with their physical therapists. As a result, we made sure to offer a month-to-month exercise equipment rental program so that people could use Excy for short periods of time and then return it when done.

Excy works like a traditional upper body ergometer, yet is small and offers more versatility while seated, standing, and kneeling. Offering multiple arm bike positions, Excy can be used to engage virtually every muscle in your upper body to focus on building strength, endurance, intensity, agility, stability, flexibility and balance. Research shows that upper limb exercise can lead to higher heart rates than lower limb exercise, including the American Council on Exercise (ACE), demonstrating the ability to burn 9 – 11 calories per minute with upper body cycling. The resistance range and adjustability of Excy’s upper body ergometer makes it the perfect arm bike for medical fitness, athletic training, non-weight bearing exercise, and for health conscious individuals.


Watch Lisa Use Excy to Stay Active While Non-Weight Bearing After Brostrom Ankle Surgery

Consistent Access to Medical Fitness Drives Rent-to-Own Program

Excy sees nearly an equal amount of purchases from those living with longer-term disabilities, chronic conditions, and injuries like Parkinson’s disease, MS, arthritis, spinal cord injuries heart disease, POTS and more. For these customers, we introduced our rent-to-own program. Excy adjusts easily to become a gym quality recumbent exercise bike, upper body ergometer, step cycle, bed pedal exerciser, and range of motion trainer. Since Excy is portable, the device is easy for people to coordinate with their physical therapist, doctor, or personal trainer specializing in medical fitness to create custom therapeutic cycling exercise experiences for home, work, and while traveling to achieve successful health outcomes. We are excited about the new rental programs for PTs and patients and hope people take advantage of Excy’s size and versatility to help produce better outcomes by having greater continuity of care between the clinic and home.

For example, Excy customer Kristy got a new heart in July and is supported with home physical therapy and occupational therapy services offered by Evergreen Health in Kirkland, WA. She loves that Excy is small enough to fold up and fit in her closet, yet performs better than the recumbent bike that turned into a dust collector and couldn’t be used after having stroke complications from postpartum heart failure. She pedals the Excy XCS 260 as a recumbent bike from her wheelchair under the supervision of her home physical therapists. In addition, she uses same device with her home occupational therapists as she work on rehabilitating her partially paralyzed arm.


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