New Mobile Coach Makes Upper Body Exercises for the XCR 300 Available for Anytime, Anywhere Training

We are excited to announce an upgraded version of our free Mobile Coach platform. All designed to empower individuals, rehab professionals, and personal trainers to better manage upper body fitness and physical therapy goals.

Physical Therapy Videos and Training Illustrations for Every Body

The new Excy Mobile Coach provides on-demand physical therapy video tutorials and training illustrations for the patented XCR 300; the word’s first upper body ergometer (UBE) for power weight racks. The XCR 300 upper body ergometer is suitable for all ages at any performance levels. It works with any squat rack to help gyms, hotels, and physical therapy clinics offer better upper extremity fitness solutions, especially for those with limited mobility and rehab needs. New on-demand training for the XCR 300 builds on existing training content for the Excy XCS 200 portable exercise bike series. For both devices, users can select from live and guided workouts, watch physical therapy videos, as well as keep track of results over time within the Excy Mobile Coach for iOS and Android.

Time for Upper Body Ergometers to Go Mainstream for Upper Body Exercises

An upper body ergometer, also known as an arm bike or hand cycle, is a piece of exercise equipment that can be pedaled with your arms. Upper body ergometers are frequently used by physical therapists to assist people who are injured, paralyzed, battling disease, lacking strength or stamina, or having limited range of motion. Although mostly only found in rehab centers, UBEs are showing up more regularly in standard fitness centers because they are a solid cross-training alternative for burning calories and boosting your heart rate. However, UBEs are typically tucked away in a gym, which can be socially isolating. Also, there’s typically only one UBE, which limits group upper body fitness opportunities. In addition, traditional UBEs in gyms frequently do not have easy access for wheelchairs or offer multiple heights that adjust to the unique needs of the individual. With research showing that upper limb exercise can lead to higher heart rates than lower limb exercise, the XCR 300 makes upper body cycling more readily available to all who wish to strengthen and improve upper body conditioning. 

Inclusive Upper Body Ergometer Training for Every Body

While the XCR 300 is consistent with other upper body ergometers in its heavy-duty metal construction and diverse physical therapy and upper body sports training applications, it is unique in a number of ways:

  • A small footprint: Takes up no floor space and weighs only 12 pounds. Size while being used: 28L” x 20W” x 7H” with a travel footprint of 28L” x 7W” x 7H”. Because it uses what most gyms already have, a squat rack, a gym can easily use the XCR 300 to build a truly welcoming and inclusive environment, including providing group upper body ergometer cross training classes or incorporate into circuits.
  • Versatility: The world’s only upper body ergometer that offers full-body aerobic and anaerobic cross training available from standing, seated, squat and lying down positions. Stable and sturdy wheelchair access is easy and requires no additional accessories or adjustments. Foot pedals can be added for recumbent and floor cycling positions while lying down.
  • Active bi-directional resistance for constant workloads: 2 to 70 pounds of resistance easily adjusts on the fly and engages muscles throughout all movements. It’s easy to dynamically change between pedaling forwards and backwards.
  • The widest range of height adjustability: The XCR 300 slides up and down the rack with ease, allowing upper body exercises to be done above the shoulders, below the waist and everywhere in between.
  • Affordability – The XCR retails at $999. Comparative in quality devices are more than twice the cost or more.

Build Inclusive Gyms with the XCR 300

Come see us at IdeaWorld!

We are demonstrating the XCR 300 and new Mobile Coach capabilities at the IDEA World in Anaheim, CA in booth 1536. We are also demonstrating our popular XCS 200 portable exercise bikes during the IDEA World 2019 event, which are used by individuals, hospitals, and physical therapists worldwide and are also supported by the Excy Mobile coach. The XCS 200 series turns any chair into a quality recumbent exercise bike, tones and sculpt arms with versatile upper body ergometer positions, and strengthens legs with floor, desk, bed, and step cycling.

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