Stamina and Endurance Exercises Can Help with Summer Activities

At Excy, we want to do our part to help you with stamina and endurance exercises to enjoy your favorite summer activities with a little more strength, balance, and coordination. Sure, it might help you fit a little more comfortably in a bathing suit, but more than anything, it’s about being stronger to enjoy your favorite activities like golfing, gardening, cycling, swimming, biking, and more! So, we kicked off the May Summer-Ready Excy challenge this week, which is focused on strengthening our heart, hips, knees, shoulders, and core.

If you have not done anything all winter or have not used your Excy system for a while, do not expect to go full speed. Gradually work your way back into shape and build up to higher intensity and resistance levels. Now, no matter how much we exercise during this Excy challenge, overexerting yourself on the weekend will likely just cause you injury and pain – enough to sideline you from everyday activities, which is NO FUN. So, lets get some daily endurance exercises and activity going now and start preparing for an amazing summer!

What Positions to Expect in the Summer-Ready Excy Challenge

  • Stationary Recumbent Exercise Bike: We will be turning quite a few chairs into a stationary recumbent exercise bike. This is one of our most popular Excy positions. You will need your Excy Keeper, a stable chair, and we encourage you to place the pin on the bottom hole for an optimal ride.


  • Upper Body Ergometer: The arm ergometer position is a favorite with Excy customers. It can be great for warm ups at a low intensity prior to heavier resistance training, but can also feel like a life saver to improve upper body conditioning when injuries to the knees, hips and the legs make it hard to use cardio products like treadmills and elliptical. Positions can be done on a table, using a chair, and on the floor. For the most part, your pin will be in the top hole.

  • Exercises While Lying Down: Lying down on the floor or bed and cycling your legs is a great overall way to build leg strength, core stability, and build up cardio endurance. There are so many different ways to make this position work for an intense workout or simply become your go-to position when exercising feels like an impossible task. You will need your Excy Keeper and your pin will most commonly will be removed or placed in the bottom hole.

  • Unicycle Exercises and Step Cycling: These are advanced body-weight standing positions that can be amazing for burning calories, and increasing your levels of coordination, concentration and balance. The pin must always be removed. You will need to hold onto something like a door frame, hiking polls, or TRX bands.

  • Functional Resistance Balance Training: We will crank up the resistance for variety of low-impact, high quality rotational, cranking, and quick high resistances bursts exercises for building strength, endurance, and power. These functional resistance training positions focus on incorporating movements used during everyday activities. Pin placement and use of the Excy Keeper will vary.

  • Reverse Pedaling: Pedaling backwards on a stationary bike has been shown to be a more beneficial workout. Fixed-gear bikes and flywheels can be hard, as well as risky, when riders quickly try rotate between pedaling backwards and forwards or suddenly stop while cycling backwards because it might put too much pressure on their knees and risk tears to the cartilage or meniscus. Excy is unique in its quality of resistance for pedaling forwards and backwards, so you will see us mix it up a lot for arms and legs for great endurance exercises.


We will explore multiple other stamina and endurance exercises as well!

Here are the snapshots of our first workouts!



No worries if you miss a workout, you can always check or explore the Excy Youtube Channel at Explore adding the mobile coach for on-demand access to guided training. Always consult a doctor before starting a new exercise program.


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