We hope you are enjoying the Excy May challenge so far and all the pedal exerciser positions shown to date for arms, legs, core, and physical therapy. As we highlighted in our post kicking off the Excy May Challenge, this month is about full body pedal exerciser workouts that will help with stamina and endurance to enjoy your favorite summer activities with a more strength, balance, and coordination.

Our goal is to show a combination of upper and lower body aerobic pedal exerciser sessions that get your heart pumping fresh oxygen through your body. In addition, we are consistently showcasing the power of pedaling both forwards and engage your muscles in different ways. During this challenge, we invite you to make Excy adapt to your schedule whether in front of the TV, at work, while traveling, and even for medical needs under the direction of your doctor. With unmatched bi-directional resistance of 2-70 pounds, you can get a full-body aerobic and anaerobic workout.

Don’t forget, Excy is an appropriate pedal exerciser for upper or lower extremities and works as a portable stationary recumbent exercise bike, upper body ergometer, exerciser in bed, unicycle, desk cycle as so much more. Join us in the May challenge to understand all the amazing ways that you can use the Excy portable pedal exerciser regularly to increase strength and improve coordination as well as circulation.

Here’s a quick overview of the May full body pedal exerciser positions so far!










Always consult a doctor before starting a new exercise program. Explore proper ergonomic setup tips from physical therapists prior to trying a new position. You can also explore all Excy workouts at www.excy.live, on our YouTube Channel, or on our social media channels (@ExcyFit).



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